Organ Repair and Maintenance Project

For the past 44 years, the Stevens-Moore organ has been a vital resource for Zion’s worship and music-making. The organ has a long history before coming to Zion, having been built in 1852 by the prolific and respected organ builder, George Stevens. 

Over the years, Zion has taken good care of this treasure, attending to repairs and maintenance. However, a list of deferred work, due to logistics and cost, has been getting longer. Then came the Derecho storm of August, 2020. The roof was damaged, resulting in water leaking through the ceiling and into the organ. The damage was significant. 

In consultation with Patrick Budelier Pipe Organ Services, a list of needed repairs and maintenance has been identified. Some are critical, in direct response to the water damage. Others are from the list of deferred maintenance. Once the scope of the repairs needed in response to the water damage was determined, it became clear that this is also the time to address other maintenance needs.  

Zion’s Council has approved proceeding with the necessary repairs, which are scheduled to begin on May 17, 2021. Our organ is expected to fully repaired and functioning by April 2022.

Explore this page for information and resources related to the Zion organ, the current project, and opportunities for you to contribute.

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