Dear Zion congregation,

I am writing today to say thank you for answering my May call to action regarding the Lambo Lutheran Church construction project.  Your generosity allowed nearly $26,000 dollars to be transferred directly to the church's building account in late June.  It made a huge difference in the trajectory of the church's construction and as anticipated, was received with joyous celebration and thanksgiving.  While there, I got to look at the building project finances and to see what they have accomplished so far with a giving stream of roughly $4,000 dollars a year (pledges made).  The bottom foundation was nearly complete and bracing was in place to allow for the concrete floor to be poured.  This is projected to provide them with a roof over their heads (for worship services) as they continue with the long term construction of upper level walls and ultimately a pitched roof.  A few days after we left, the steel needed to form the internal bracing/reinforcement for the concrete slab arrived.  A week or so later this reinforcement work had been accomplished and they were waiting for the structural engineer to inspect and give approval for the floor to be poured.  See photos.  Waiting to see the concrete...

None of this progress would have been possible without your money.   I don't know all of you who gave but obviously many did!  A very special thank you goes to the family that reached deep into their hearts and donated $10,000 towards this much needed cash infusion. 

Heide and I are truly honored and blessed to be your emissaries to Lambo but without the outpouring love from all of you at Zion, our involvement would be meaningless and none of what has been accomplished in this one small village in a very remote part of the world could have happened.  Truely, you have made a difference in the lives of those residing in Lambo.  We look forward to telling you more about our trip and give you updates on everything we have done together over the last 20 years.  An early fall adult forum/sharing program is anticipated.

ONE GOD, ONE WORLD, ONE MISSION is Zion's Global Outreach statement.  Spreading God's love to all out of our abundance is the call we answer.  You have done well!  

God's Peace be among us all as we continue to move forward on our own issues.  


Charlie and Heide Bursch